Top 10 Benefits of Writing Things Down

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2 min readSep 25, 2021


Original list:

1. Feeling better

Writing and expressing yourself feels good and so does being able to remember things.

2. Setting and accomplishing goals

Writing down your goals sets you in the right direction to accomplish the things you want to do.

3. Clearing your mind

Writing helps you capture ideas and information so you can stop worrying about forgetting things and move on with your day.

4. Improving your memory

Writing helps you remember the things you learn and you’ll have it to search and find when your memory fades.

5. Being present

Writing makes you more aware of what you are doing, thinking, and feeling.

6. Making better decisions

By writing down your thoughts and listing out the pros and cons of a decision, you can clarify your thinking and make better decisions.

7. Having it to share

When you write down your thoughts and what you learn, you can also share those ideas and experiences with people to learn from and connect with them.

8. Improving your communication

Writing helps you communicate complex ideas in a clear way.

9. Saving time

Having one system to quickly record, organize and find information saves you time and energy.

10. Having fun

Writing is fun, relaxing and a great way to be creative.


There are many benefits to writing so I encourage you to find a place you love writing things down.

I use Twos to quickly write, remember, and share anything going on in my life.

Thank you for reading.

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