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Why I Built 4 Self-Awareness Apps (& 1 Game)

In 2017, I listened to a lot of self-help podcasts and books.

I was drawn to learning more about myself.

I received a lot of value from writing and asking questions so I built my first app…

Twos: the best place to write, remember, and share.

Twos: the best place to write *things* down

I wanted a private space to quickly capture my thoughts, make plans, and then share some of those *things*, so I build Twos: the best place to write *things* down.

The act of writing and journaling helped me increase my self-awareness and still does.

7 Levels Deep: discover your why

7 Levels Deep: discover your why

The next app I built was based on an exercise shared by Dean Graziosi on Lewis Howes’ School of Greatness podcast.

It is a short exercise of 7 questions to learn your “why” to understand yourself and live with intention.

I received so much value from the exercise and only found a PDF online, so I built 7 Levels Deep: discover your why.

Müse: daily reflection

Müse: daily reflection

While listening to podcasts, I was collecting the best questions.

Each weekend, I would start my Saturday by answering the questions I had collected during the week.

I collected a list of over 500 questions, so I built Müse, a daily reflection app to help people learn about themselves and how they want to spend their time.

Aware: daily habit tracker

Aware: daily habit tracker

On the theme of learning about myself, I wanted to have statistics based on my habits to see correlations between how my habits impacted the rest of my life.

I started tracking my habits in an Excel document but eventually built Aware, a daily activity tracker and analyzer.

Tens: go 10 for 10

Tens: go ten for ten

Last but not least, was a fun nerf basketball stat-tracking app.

My friends and I played this game in college and I wished I had stats to remember our games and analyze how I improved (or didn’t) over time.

You always need a little fun in your life.

Wrap up

Most of these tools follow the theme of self-reflection, analysis, and intention.

I benefitted from these practices to learn about myself and spend my life doing the things I love rather than what society tells me to do.

I hope you’ll find these tools helpful for learning about yourself and living life true to you.

Happy Twosday!

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