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Martivi Shot: A Night Out at Home

A Branding and UX/UI Case Study


Martini Shot is a Hollywood term for the last shot of the film for the specific day on set. We took this iconic term and gave it a new life in the form of a service that combines movies, entertainment, and mixed drinks. This experience offers customers an opportunity to be their own bartender at home. Our drinks are specifically curated for each film to give a feeling of an immersive movie night. Martivi Shot’s goal is to blend the familiarity of home and the excitement of going out, without the stress of coronavirus.

The Problem

Coronavirus has halted many social experiences including movie theatres and bars. This forced many small businesses to temporarily struggle or close their doors.

When we compare the two figures for the number of people going to bars in 2019 and 2020, it becomes clear that this year, due to exceptional circumstances, the number of people in the very decline, which crisis to many bars.

This chart reflects the percentage of restaurants in our dataset that are accepting reservations from diners.

Additionally, it creates a lack of night activities that were once popular within the city. Movie theatres and bars were not allowed to open under the current regulations and many found it difficult to quickly think of ways to keep business afloat. People aren’t permitted to gather in large groups due to social distancing and the limited capacity of businesses brings a sense of unfamiliarity to the experience. Through quarantine, many people found themselves having to be more self-reliant because of the closures of many businesses.

To further our research, we had to discover what our audience would be looking for in our services. Through carefully curated research, we came up with a few user personas to help drive the solution to our problem.

User Personas

User Persona Bill Gayne
User Persona Jenny Frazier
User Persona Julian Porter

After organizing a range of interests and potential customers, we then moved onto how we would tackle our solution.

Our Approach

Before we could get down to Brass Tacks, we first had to discover how we wanted our approach to look and feel. So we began brainstorming and came up with some ideas and visuals for our solution.

Brainstorming words for our brand

We wanted to adjust to the current state of social life and bring it into the comfort of customers’ homes. Our packages provide an activity that helps customers gain a new skill and opens them up to the world of mixology. This brings the DIY-mentality into Martini Shot and keeps customers entertained at home. We purchase and rebrand existing stock of alcohol and bar tools from local bars and restaurants to support them. Our movie selection coincides with screenings at independent theatres to offer a new digital experience of these well-loved establishments. To address the struggles that many independent movie theatres and bars are having we teamed up with them, each movie has offerings of hand-selected drinks and curated packaging to create a full experience.

A full experience would not be complete however without a digital interactive experience. Through much trial and error, we found a system that would work best with our design. We then created a wireframe that would represent how the user would navigate through our online interface.

User Flow/Wireframe

Once a solution was in place, we each dove into bringing our brands to life.

Meghan Cavanaugh

I decided to stick with the original phrase “martini shot” as opposed to changing it, as I thought the direct reference to a martini would portray a clear theme of drinking. I used dark blues to create a nighttime atmosphere, the golden color to allude to the regal feel present in many theaters, and pops of pink to create a playful palette. I used fonts, images, and geometric shapes to create a fun but elegant look to coordinate with the visual style of the films portrayed.

Brand Style Tile
Online Presence

Hannah Pang

For this project, I chose to push Martivi Shot in a direction that helped with the issue of travel restrictions. Martivi Shot offers global films with their cocktails and features films that customers might not be exposed to. This contemporary design with a fun twist brings a sense of freshness to the traditional movie theatre design. The color palette has pops of colors while simultaneously feels clean with a balance of black and mint. I wanted the brand to feel exciting yet approachable through the use of simple star shapes and an interactive website. Each movie has its own unique design that fits inside of the brand style of Martivi Shot. For the movie Ema, I included photos and a flame illustration that alludes to the importance of fire in the film.

Logo Process
Brand Style Tile
Web Landing Pages
Online Presence

Huixin Zheng

For this project, my initial goal was to create a restaurant based on the specific name Martivi Shot, which is associated with movies and alcohol. So I chose a darker brown and a less saturated creamy yellow as my theme colors, along with a brighter turmeric. My theme color is darker overall, but it doesn’t feel too dull. I also designed different types of packaging based on different orientations, such as “Moonlight” packaging and “Martivi shot” packaging. Since my logo is just simple lines and colors, my overall design direction is more towards simple color blocks or minimalist decorations.

Brand Style Tile
Online Presence

Joe Ketchen

For my approach, I decided to simplify the name to Martv. I started designing a logo my combining a martini glass as the antenna of a television set. That’s when the name “Martv” came about as a combined the two elements together, combining the words only made sense. Visually, I wanted to express the nightlife feeling by using a high contrast pallette. I visualized the logo to appear as a neon sign one would see in a bar. As for more other visuals, I brought in the film aspect. As you can see on my bottles and cans, all the text elements are broken up into boxes and sections as a directors board would look like on set.

Brand Style Tile
Online Presence


In conclusion, our customers are our top priority and we want them to feel special during their home movie night. Through diverse movies, curated drinks, and tailored packaging we expand beyond what a traditional movie night consists of. The experience of making your own drinks allows customers to interact with one another and give them a new skill. The user then diverges into a full cinematic event, bringing the big screen picture to the household.


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Abby Guido- Instructor



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