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Early Concepts for Creative Coding Showpieces

Creative Coding: Spring 2021

A collection of case studies and tutorials from the Spring 2021 Creative Coding class at Tyler School of Art and Architecture

The real power of creative coding comes from self-expression. With this in mind, students in Interactive Design: Creative Coding created large-scale projects to show off an area of personal interest. This project gave students the opportunity to take a creative coding project from idea through execution and troubleshooting to get a unique, portfolio-ready piece.

Before they started coding, they presented proposals for their project. As they worked on the project over several weeks, they took notes on process in order to write up final documentation in the form of a case study or tutorial.

Some final write-ups have been published on Behance, and some have been posted on Medium. See all of the Medium articles on the Creative Coding medium feature page.

All Projects from Spring 2021

The Spring 2021 Creative Coding Projects



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