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Perchance To Type

Creative Coding with random text generators

Perchance.org is a platform that makes it easy to create and share random text generators using simple lists. It’s based on HTML and CSS with a simplified form of JavaScript controlling the randomness. Generators can be shared for free by URL, or downloaded as an HTML file.

Examples of Perchance Text Generators

The following examples were created in GAD 3023/5023: Creative Coding at the Tyler School of Art and Architecture. Some are useful, some are funny, and some are just bizarre.

Three variations of Cocktail Mixes by Kaitlyn O’Hanlon. The drinks are truly random and have not been tested. Sample at your own risk!

What else can a text generator do?

You can use a text generator to inspire ideas. Design prompt generators like briefz or what should I design are based in random text generation, as is the Star Wars character art prompterator or the namelix business name generator. Maybe you could use a text generator to help you make decisions, like What the fuck should I make for dinner. You could also use a text generator to create “Lorem Ipsum” text, text that isn’t intended to be useful but that can be a placeholder for designers and developers, like Lipsum, Pirate Ipsum, Cat Ipsum, Space Ipsum, or Heisenberg Ipsum.

Make your own text generator

It’s easy to get started! The Perchance tutorial walks through the basics step-by-step. Any perchance project can also be edited and remixed by adding #edit to the end of the URL or by clicking “edit” in the upper right corner of a live project. Perchance also has a helpful page of resources and a pretty active subreddit. Since each perchance generator is a simple webpage, they can be customized and styled with HTML and CSS.



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Jenny B Kowalski

Jenny B Kowalski


Graphic & Interactive Designer, Assistant Professor of Instruction at Tyler School of Art and Architecture