Procrastination Station: Exploration of a College Student in Quarantine

A Twinery Coding Case Study

Zoe Vallejo
Apr 23 · 8 min read


Procrastination Station(shorthand PS) was created to capture the thought process of someone who wants to be productive but struggles to listen to their subconscious without prompt. It is a storytelling game to represent the endless loop that is trying to be productive as a procrastinator. This was especially inspired by my own daily experience in the midst of quarantine and trying to express my own (lack of) perception of time day-to-day.

Reframe the Problem

Storywise, my main problem was trying to show the repetitiveness and endless loop that sets in during quarantine. As we have all had a difficult time this year it's safe to say we can all understand how endless the days can feel. Even the days we want to get work done can feel like we get stuck in a “Groundhog Day”-style loop. During my process, I would often look at my storyboard and while trying to connect all the dots for how my character would be able to complete certain tasks before others, etc., etc… I came to realize that this truly was how it felt when I would try to complete my real-life to-do lists.

Approach and Process

Throughout this project, I went through many different phases and faced different decisions and difficulties along the way. From storyline to lines of code, there was much to be learned as Procrastination Station was worked and reworked. I began with the design elements of the game, the storyline, and finally piecing it all together in Twine and working on the code. There were many choices I made originally that were not able to be made final, however, the resources I had referenced throughout will still be linked below.

Character Exploration
Process & Sketch for background
Final Background with all assets
Initial Mind Map and Wireframing

Final Deliverables

The finished product for Procrastination Station was uploading the game online for others to see. After some minor difficulties with running it on I was able to upload the playable game on their site for use to the public. I also recorded a brief walkthrough of a few of the different play throughs possible onto Vimeo.

Play the game on Procrastination Station

Watch the Walkthrough:

Final Visuals & Animated Gif Samples



Graphic & Interactive Design Program at Tyler School of Art and Architecture at Temple University

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