From the Feminist Community’s Perspective, the Only Good Woman is a Dead Woman

Feminists are like Where’s Wally: we seek ’em here, we seek ’em there, they’re stubborn buggers to catch whenever there is an ACTUAL case of the oppression of women.

Whenever real women are actually being oppressed, the Feminist Community are nowhere in sight.

Why don’t feminists condemn all the humanitarian bombs that are used to kill and enslave women?

Why don’t feminists talk about religious extremists from the major world faiths (apart from Christianity of course, which is a fairly clearcut example of low-hanging fruit).

Why don’t feminists talk about female genital mutilation?

Why don’t feminists find antisemitism and hatred towards Israeli women unacceptable?

Why don’t feminists support girls and women who have been pimped and raped?

Why don’t feminists be more supportive of those who have been roped into pornography, or who are coercively kept at home, and forbidden from learning?

Why don’t feminists think women in Communist countries or other backward places should be free?

Why is it the Feminist Community are always screaming blue murder over manspreading, mansplaining, Islamophobia, cultural appropriation, which are all apparently the height of ‘rape culture,’ but whenever real women and real girls are being treated in the most horrifying, sickeningly brutal manner, they are just nowhere to be found?

Dear God!

What is WRONG with these people….