Gender Lunacy & Gender Lunatics: A Few Points of Order on the Genderwahn Craziness!

Genderwahn is elitist nonsense.

I repeat: Genderwahn is elitist nonsense. The abuse and locking up and even killing of homosexual and transgender people has been, and remains, a genuine topic of moral concern. And it’s greatly trivialising to the struggles of genuinely oppressed people to see all these over-privileged, entitled snowflakes crying ‘oppression’ just because nobody with half a brain cell to contribute to our society wants to collude and legitimise their elitist, pretentious, metropolitan Genderwahn bollocks!

Also, there’s a difference between an actual transphobe, and a transtrenderphobe. Do your research.

How long before the distinction between ACTUAL transphobia and ‘transtrenderphobia’ is actually eliminated completely? It’s a bit like calling someone an ‘Islamophobe’ when they have expressed views savouring more of ‘Jihadophobia’ than anything else. The deliberate muddying of perfectly clear distinctions of language is an intrinsically authoritarian gesture, and it is a perfect example of ideology at work.

Tolerance Has its Limits

I will never treat anyone different when they tell me they are gay, lesbian, or transgender (i.e. an ACTUAL transgender person with genuine dysphoria, not all this recent ‘self-identification’ crap which is an insult to genuine, authentic transgender individuals). But I am really not very tolerant of all the recent ‘Genderwahn’ nonsense, and the explosive proliferation of made-up bullshit (like the idiots who think there are like what, a million genders?) I understand the world has become more complex, and it’s not like the place and the time I was growing up. But a line has to be drawn SOMEWHERE. Have we all lost our freaking minds completely?

Gender Lunacy is Consumerism Run Amok

If Instagram and Tumblr and selfies didn’t exist, we wouldn’t be seeing half as many gender fluid, pansexual or otherwise sexually exotic people. I don’t think people with all these fancy highfaluting sexual identities realise they’re being played! Consumerism and the pimping out of identity to sticky-fingered, spendthrift middle class culture consumers is the material basis of the ideological superstructure of Genderwahn. Far be it from me to rake the old, dead bones of Mr Marx, but this sounds suspiciously like the ‘false consciousness’ of ‘bourgeois ideology’ to me…

Throw the Gender Loons a Bone? Oh, Go on Then!

In a funny kind of way, the Genderwahnkers are actually right.

Some people are genderfluid, get over it!

Yes, and I’d actually go further:

ALL people are genderfluid, get over YOURSELF!

Gender fluidity is normal. Every more or less normal human being has to learn to cultivate the masculinity and feminity that best coheres with their innermost, truest, most authentic self; with due regard for the broader moral context they are swimming. Essentially, something that is a perfectly normal and commonplace act of discipline being a grown adult is now being torn out of context and fetishised and objectified… Not to mention repackaged and consumerised and flogged off to the lowest possible bidder, day in day out! There is nothing new under the sun: but taking something beautiful, sacred, even holy, and transforming it into some hollow, shallow, pretentious, self-servingly narcissistic relic of selfie culture is something truly diabolical, and it does need some serious pushback.