WTF?! Top 5 Brexit Conspiracy Theories: Which One Did YOU Fall For?! Click & Share!

Don’t be fooled by Project Fear.

They are all pillars of the mainstream CENTRIST establishment. Brexit, or if you will, REAL Brexit, the one so many, many, untold millions have had in mind for really quite a very long time indeed, is NOT:

1. A right-wing plot.

There are plenty of counter-examples to conspiracy theory #1. You may like Jeremy Corbyn, George Galloway, Neil Clark and so many, many others; you may not. Either way, the evidence is clear: Brexit is only sectarian if you want to MAKE it sectarian.

2. A plot by the Tories, or any other political party.

Disgraceful attempts to reduce this to a childish spat among factions of glossy, Eton-educated fops will not fool anyone.

3. The extremist and unpatriotic agenda of controversial fringe parties.

“A vote for Brexit is a vote for UKIP?” Not that’s just silly!

4. A conspiracy by big business.

Well, what kind of country will we have after Brexit? That’s up to us. We, the people. Are some of you afraid of actual democracy, or something? Let’s have a proper debate about the direction our country should take; at least, once we’ve finally left, we can finally have the discussion of how we want to approach our laws on labour, taxation and welfare. Once we are finally free, it will at least be possible to have the conversation. Or would you rather have these decisions made over all our heads?

5. A foreign conspiracy.

Do you really think tens of millions of people are that bloody STUPID, that we can’t make any decisions of our own, and think for our own, and we need to rely on Russian bots, Fox News and Breitbart, in order to wipe our own arses?

You all know I don’t have a penny to my name; do I look afraid to you? Let’s all work together, not for this nonsense ‘national interest’ of Theresa May, the corrupt media, the Whitehall Mafia; but rather the hopes and dreams and aspirations of people of all classes, creeds and colours who have finally taken the courage to declare, in proud honour and dignity’s defiance: “Basta! No pasaran!”

Oh, and by the way..

Anyone up for this one?

New Petition for the REAL Brexit that the People Voted for, Not Our Weak Prime Minister! If you’re eligible to sign, please do!

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Originally published at on November 29, 2018.