#Inktober Day 21

The best entries from week 3 of the Fontli Inktober Challenge

If you’re looking for hand-lettering inspiration, there’s no better place to be this October than Fontli!

The Fontli Inktober challenge is going strong and week 3 has seen another deluge of awesomeness from crazily skilled lettering artists.

By @kcdoodleart
By @TypeSailor
By @reikohrt
By @wellscollins
By somers_design
By @kimpanella
By @reikohrt
By @flowhynot
By @kcdoodleart
By @obanjones
By @lukipratomo
By @arluppc
By marcobazelmans
By @johnmisael
By @williamariza
By @arluppc
By @wellscollins

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Inktober Origins:

Inktober is an initiative by Jake Parker that sees ink artists from around the world take up the challenge to create one ink drawing a day for the entire month of October.