Jenny Famularcano, a designer at Column Five, shares her work at TypeThursday San Francisco.

Better Letters Together: Jenny Famularcano

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Once a month in cities worldwide, TypeThursday raises the baseline on letterform design and use through friendly, moderated, group discussions of type-centric works in progress. Up to three designers present for advice from their chapter’s “type superfamily,” i.e., the letterform lovers and experts who gather to talk type over drinks. Here’s how TypeThursday helped one presenter’s work ascend.

Kara in discussion with Michelle about her lettering project at GoogleNYC.

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Jenny Famularcano is a designer at creative content agency Column Five. In her free time, Jenny spends her time practicing calligraphy or working on a passion project. When she presented to her local chapter, TypeThursday San Francisco (TypeThursdaySF), she was working on a personal project called 100 Days of Motion Script.

The motion graphics Jenny presented at TypeThursdaySF.

Project background

Jenny undertook her project in response to an Instagram-based challenge by art publication The Great Discontent: #The100DayProject asked readers to make and post something every day for a little over three months. Jenny’s goal was to learn animation through typography.

What was working?

Jenny found that her series was receiving a lot of positive feedback and engagement on Instagram.

What was challenging?

Jenny had reached the project’s halfway mark and was finding it difficult to generate fresh work each day. She also wanted ideas for new skills she could try to pick up while executing the second half of the project.

In a presenter’s words: Jenny’s TypeThursday experience

After Jenny introduced his piece to the crowd, the Dialogue Lead opened the floor to attendees to share their expertise and observations. At TypeThursday, group discussion is always constructive, revolving around form, process, tools and techniques. Of the experience, Jenny says:

Initially I was quite nervous. Like many others, I’m uncomfortable [with] public speaking, especially when sharing a bit of my work. But knowing that there are so many friendly faces in the audience who are willing to invest in the success of my work helped ease the anxiety.

They were willing to share both praise and notes to help me prepare to improve the project, as well as places to start seeking inspiration. They made regular eye contact with me and I felt support from the SF Type Community. It served as a friendly reminder that we never need to go at this on our own.

Informed practitioners like Laura Serra and Jeff Kellem ensure effective input from the audience.

At TypeThursday, Jenny was treated to something we don’t always get from a BFF, grandma, or the adjacent cubicle: type-centric feedback from informed and diverse perspectives. Our events attract everyone from professors to typeface designers, to even UI designers and illustrators! Some attend to listen. Others jump into the conversation. And all attendees, from presenters to observers, benefit from the open exchange of knowledge.

Let your greeked flag fly!

You spend every. single. day. meticulously polishing your work; why not give yourself a break and revel in the joy of process for a change? Bring your tentative terminals and aspirational apexes to our group of letterform-loving creatives for input, ideas and encouragement … ’cause here, unfinished totally flies. Submit your work to your local TypeThursday chapter now!

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