Create Your Own Font in 48 hours

We talk to Jake Fleming, one of the founders of the type-themed hackathon Type Jam.

Ulrik Hogrebe
Oct 30, 2017 · 10 min read

Kara in discussion with Michelle about her lettering project at GoogleNYC

Jake Fleming

Take a picture of a sign or two, derive rules from that limited character set and try to get as complete of a character set as you can in the little time you have this weekend.

We did provide some help, of course. To kick off the event, we had an amazing intro workshop by Winston Scully of Continental Type and then Delve Withrington of Delve Fonts and host of TypeThursdaySF was there through-out helping people when they got stuck, answering questions about the font software, helping define rules and constraints to make the process of type design easier and just generally providing critique. And then just really myself and my co-organizer Zac Halbert trying to be as helpful as possible and making sure things went smoothly.

Winston Scully during the introductory workshop
Work In Progress: sketching letters
  1. Do the characters feel like they belong to each other?
  2. How original is the approach?
Sketching out the winning font
Looking at samples

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Type Thursday

A meeting place for people who love letterforms.

Thanks to Jake Fleming.

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Type Thursday

A meeting place for people who love letterforms.