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Insights from A Type Distributor

An Interview with President of Fontspring Ethan Dunham

This TypeThursday Interview is brought to you thanks to our sponsor, Typofonderie.

Fontspring’s Founding

Insights from Selling Type Online

Sales-wise, it’s more local to the US and English-speaking countries, but the actual designers that we sell for, the bulk of them are not from the US.

How you sell fonts and create a brand in a crowded marketplace is a challenge for us as distributors and for designers.

Other Ways to Market Type Besides Discounting

How do you curate your catalog? And how do you make it discoverable? It’s a taxonomy problem we’ve spent a lot of effort improving.

It’s one thing to have a hot font that sells well for three months, but what about the font that you designed five years ago that’s actually really well done, but forgotten?

How Can Type Designer Better Market Their Work



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