Learning to Design for Print

Marina Joyce is a designer and printer and now the author of a new book “Designing for Print” aimed at picking up where design schools are failing today; teaching designers and others about the decisions, skills and considerations that need to go into putting something on paper.

Ulrik Hogrebe
Sep 3, 2017 · 12 min read
Kara in discussion with Michelle about her lettering project at GoogleNYC.

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Designing For Print

As I started to reach out to the community and talk about the book I started to get feedback. And the gist of it was “Wow, you have a unique POV because you are a designer AND printer”.

I thought to myself; I like printing. I know how to run a company. So… sure! And so I bought a print shop.

Marina is both a Graphic Designer & Printer

…my reps taught me about coated and uncoated and what the different finishes were called. Now I was learning that paper comes in parent sizes and that there are literally 100s of different types. Then add inks, treatments, techniques, presses etc.

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You will learn about paper, ink, printing methods, bindery… and how to design for specific outcomes within those processes. This book is about decisions you need to be making in the design stage…

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…there is a covering up on the part of the printing community because we want your work and we are willing to repair it. But sometimes it’s irreparable and sometimes it simply cannot be done.

Advice on working with Printers
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