Interactions of the future — Combining WebVR with Speech Recognition

Using Web Speech API to cast Harry Potter spells is definitely fun!

There is a team at Typeform whose main responsibility is to dig into the newest technologies — technologies that may soon replace the Internet in the form we know today. Although I am not a part of the team, I was inspired by some plans they have in their backlog, like VR, AR and other new fun technologies. That’s why I decided to do some of my own research.

Interactions of the future — introduction to A-Frame and Web Speech API is a talk I gave on the 7th of June this year at TakeOff Conference (TakeOff Conf on Medium) in a lovely city in northern France, Lille. I shared how I combined two exciting and young web technologies in order to unleash my inner child.

The agenda for the talk

  • Brief presentation of topics
  • Demo of the app
  • What’s A-Frame
  • Advantages of A-Frame
  • Setting up the basic project
  • Entity Component System
  • Asset Manager System
  • Models
  • Creating interactions
  • Browser support
  • Web Speech Recognition API
  • Setting up speech recognition
  • Listeners
  • Combining speech recognition with A-Frame
  • Browser support
  • Takeaways

The full talk can be found below.

I’d like to thank to our amazing developer advocate Nico who convinced me to apply to give this talk, and also the organizers of the event — especially Yann and Mymi. Apart from having a fantastic experience giving the talk, I am grateful for the opportunity to listen to all the speakers and meet so many fantastic people.

“Of course it is happening inside your head, Harry, but why on earth should that mean that it is not real?”
Thank you for reading! We are glad to share our experience and help everybody out there to code better.
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