We have APIs… now what?

What goes on before launching a public-facing developer portal? What problems do you need to tackle? What’s the impact of certain goals and decisions for the rest of the company? What comes next?

Let me tell you of the days of high APIs adventure (Photo by specphotops on Unsplash)

We have APIs… now what?” is a 30-minutes talk I gave at API the Docs Paris 2018 in Mozilla Paris office, where I explained the story behind building Typeform’s Platform team and launching both our Developer Platform and its Developer Portal. The outline for the talk was:

  • Once upon a time… → a history lesson about Typeform
  • The obvious stuff → it looked so easy!
  • The not-so-obvious stuff → when APIs business is new to half the company
  • The long-term stuff → thinking ahead
  • What we kept → prioritizing
  • What we had to leave for later → about building a wish list
  • Road improvements → there’s always room for improvement
  • Bumpy roads offer great landscapes → when you build alliances with other teams

Both video and slides from the talk, and from all the other sessions that day, are available on the event’s recap page.

TFW you love to give talks and get feedback, but are horrified at watching yourself on video🙈

This is the first time I give this talk, so please let me know ways to improve it! I’ll treat you to coffee at Typeform’s HQ when you visit Barcelona ;)

API the Docs is a series of conferences around API documentation and all things developer portals organized by @kvantomme and Pronovix. A big shout out to Kristof and his team both for the format and engaging an amazing community in Europe, these are events where you truly feel at home and productive. Check out their Dev Portal Awards!

Thank you for reading! We are glad to share our experience and help everybody out there to code better.
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