What is Mango Automation?

Luis Güette
Jun 25, 2018 · 5 min read

is a web-based multiplatform software application that allows users to access and control electronic sensors, PLCs, controllers, databases or web services, through multiple protocols simultaneously. Mango provides an interface with which you can create and configure various Data Sources (data sources), while providing management of access to users, data logging, alarms and automation.

Since the Mango backend is developed in Java, it can run very easily on Windows, Mac and Linux. Once the software is installed, you can enter the user interface through any browser compatible with the latest web development technologies.


Mango provides a series of features that allow great flexibility and robustness. These will be presented below.

Built In Protocols

Mango has a large number of integrated protocols, which allow communication between software and third-party equipment through the Data Sources. These protocols are:

Allen Bradly, ASCII, BACnet IP, BACnet MS/TP, Control Core, data files(CSV, Excel, XML), DNP3, EGauge, Galil, Haystack, HTTP, JMX, Log4j, MBus, Modbus IP, Modbus Serial, MQTT, One wire, OPC, OpenV, Pachube, PakBus, POP3, Serial, SNMP, SQL, TCP/IP, VmStat, Wiboc, Zigbee, Z-Wave.

High Performance Time Series Historians

Mango is capable of storing billions of historical values with ground breaking throughput while utilizing surprisingly small amounts of disk space. With no external server or database configuration needed, Mango is ready to provide you lightning fast performance out of the box.

Built In Analytics

Mango provides several web interfaces for users to perform quick and efficient analysis with watch lists and flexible data queries. By means of simple configurations, it provides a deep visualization of data.

Leading Edge Data Visualization

Utilizing leading open source web development technologies, Mango provides a flexible development platform for mobile-friendly dynamic dashboards, web/mobile apps and kiosks. With a drag and drop editor plus code view, users with any level of experience can get projects done quickly and efficiently.

Reports & Billing

Thanks to the reports module with Excel templates, users can create customized reports. These can be sent by email or generated manually.

The reports use the historical data and the Mango statistical analysis engine for highly flexible data queries.

Automation & Alarms

Mango includes several powerful scripting environments, which allow users to develop simple calculations or complicated control algorithms. Users can configure various types of alarms to trigger event handling or notifications, these can be configured to send notifications via email automatically.

Advanced Schedules with Exception Calendar

Mango has a scheduler that allows you to schedule the events weekly. It also has exception rules that allow modifying the default schedule. The schedules can be within a range of dates or specific days.

System Scalability

From a low power embedded computer to the largest Amazon servers with hundreds of terabytes of data, Mango is ready for business. From a simple standalone application to a global data acquisition system with thousands of remote nodes the same Mango software scales for all types needs.

Mango has been built with this ultimate flexibility in mind. This also is reflected in the ways it can be configured, our simple pricing model, our open source repositories, use of open source technologies and our business transparency.

Powerful IIoT & Remote Site Monitoring

Whether you need to push a handful of values to the cloud or 100,000’s per second from around the globe, Mango provides you a highly scalable and robust platform to reliably bring valuable data into one central Mango database. With automatic data replication, self healing history synchronizations and real time updates you can configure your global data acquisition/IIoT system to suit any need.


Currently, Mango has been used in the area of energy metering, data center monitoring, industrial processes and building automation. However, the software has been designed to offer the necessary tools to develop any automation or IoT solution.

Data Center Monitoring

This use of Mango Automation shows the powerful Mango Data Center Solution. For Data Centers, Mango can be easily configured to connect with all the critical equipment in facilities for performance and alarm monitoring. In this example Mango uses Modbus & SNMP protocols with over 2000 data points.

Energy Monitoring

The Mango Campus Energy Dashboard is a complete solution for monitoring and displaying energy data for a campus. It uses the Mango HTML5 API and fully mobile compatible. The template is customizable and is designed to be quickly deployed and customized.

Building Automation

Mango can help us to know what is actually happening in a building, mechanically speaking. Currently, it is critical that we are able to monitor the building systems to ensure that they are functioning properly and providing the best possible value.

With a modular infrastructure, Mango can automate each system of the building, integrating several protocols, and allowing you to see what is happening with it from around the world.


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Let's talk about technology and other things! https://www.typeiqs.com