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Entering the low code market

Throughout the years, software development has grown substantially and became a complex process that requires various knowledge. As part of its progress, a need for faster delivery and wider collaboration emerged. Due to radical changes in the market, many companies are looking for new and more efficient ways of providing services to their customers and creating solutions for internal processes. One of these ways is through low code development platforms, such as Mendix, Microsoft PowerApps, WordPress and Bubble.io.

What is low code?

Low code presents an approach to software development that requires little to no coding in the process of building applications. Through visual interfaces with simple logic and drag-and-drop features, it enables rapid delivery of products and adaptability to differing situations. The graphical tools used in low code platforms offer all the necessary items that form an application, from its inputs, outputs, business logic and others. Depending on the requirements of the application, developers can use little to no traditional coding to produce certain specifications of the application.

Mendix platform

Why use low code?

The main reason for building applications through low code development platforms is the ability to produce highly complex and effective solutions in less time and with fewer costs. A process that earlier implied a full army of engineers highly specialized in various technologies can now be covered by a much smaller team skilled in a simple and effective low code platform. Other than that, you can achieve great results with simple solutions that require less hours spent educating end users, and in turn focus on your business needs. Finally, as its manifesto states, low code platforms integrate the most wanted principles in today’s software development: agility, cloud computing, collaboration, openness to improvement and an ever growing community.

Although the term “low code development” has been around for just a few years, it’s a field bound to make the headlines in the future.

It is assumed that by 2024, around 65% of all application development activity will be done through low code. (Gartner)

As time passes, low code platforms are improving on a daily basis, meaning that it is bound to be a long-lasting trend.

Here in Typeqast, we’re focused towards implementing new and exciting technologies into our portfolio. Our goal is to deliver amazing and easy-to-use solutions for our customers, all the while maintaining our workplace exciting and challenging at all times. That’s why we’ve taken the challenge of developing enterprise-level applications on the Mendix platform to deliver the solutions to our clients reliably and rapidly!

If you’d like to join us and contribute to state-of-the-art solutions with us, follow us on Linkedin and Instagram to find out more!



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