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All the President’s men and women!

Donald Trump Twitter video October 6, 2020

Donald Trump our favourite President of the USA, stated in this video clip;

…and maybe I’m immune!


…whilst he infected most of his staff!

Just a few weeks left until the US Presidential election and the polls suggest that Joe Biden is ahead, but they said the same about Hilary in 2016 and she lost although she did win the popular vote. How incredibly weird that you can win the popular vote but not win the election. I definitely don’t understand US politics, but one thing’s for sure, DT is a dangerous person.

He creates his own spin, 24/7, it’s called Twitter, as I write this newsletter on a platform created by one of it’s previous founders! Ev Williams.

Political leaders are supposed to set an example to the rest of the country’s citizens. He’s been a terrible example not just through the current pandemic, throughout his total tenure as President for the past 4 years.

We have followed his journey and all the incredible stuff that happened along the way. We have drawn a few cartoons over the past 4 years to show the ridiculousness of his leadership, the lies, that tantrums and the sackings.

I thought you might enjoy them. You can view them all here:

And here’s a couple to wet your appetite!

Trump gets eaten by the Coronavirus — Covid19
Trump on his wrecking ball!

Enjoy and until next time!

Michael out…

Michael de Groot



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