Content marketing, really?

Hugh MacLeod

A few years ago, I would have been super impressed with this top 10 list and would be looking for ways to be implementing it asap, in fact some of it I did do, today, I just roll around laughing my head off.

I am visualising all the content marketing experts, taking this list to the head of marketing, who has to take it to the board and ask for big spends to deliver this list.

She will be asked what will she actually deliver when she implements this list and actually, she has no idea.

‘It’s difficult to measure’
‘It works very impressively for (drop a brand name here)’
‘We need to do this to compete’
‘If we don’t we’re going to miss out’
‘Everyone, literally everyone seems to be doing it’
‘Well the top brass in Google say they have evidence’
‘The sales team say they need us to do this too’
‘Customers nowadays expect it’

And here we go again, spending millions of dollars, standing still.

Happy spending!

Michael de Groot