Give Way!

Road Signs created by Michael de Groot

There is a great line that originated in Star Trek in connection with an alien race called The Borg. ‘Resistance is Futile’.

So what does it actually mean?

The refusal to accept or comply with something. Incapable of producing any useful result; pointless. So “resistance is futile” means that refusing to accept what is happening is pointless, and you should just give up.

In fact when you push your hand against mine, what do you feel?


Whenever you push against something that can push back, you receive resistance. Ever felt you could never win that argument? You got it, it was resistance. So what do you do, keep pushing and keep getting resistance? Probably not, it may actually be quite debilitating for you.

I was sitting in my car one evening at around 10pm, waiting to give someone a lift and ahead of me in the darkness was a road sign and the sign seemed huge to me and the words beamed out at me, sharing with me a huge message and the message was ‘Give Way’. It’s the British version of the ‘Yield’ sign in the USA, that’s why I included both in the image.

So what did I take away from this?

Giving way doesn’t mean being weak, it doesn’t mean giving up, it just means allowing what is. Sometimes it’s tough to do this and allowing things to just be. We and I’m including me in that have been told throughout our lives that you have to take action, you must do something if you want to achieve your dreams, nothing else will happen unless you do. But when you move into a space of allowing, into a space of yielding/giving way, the right things may just come your way.

Less resistance allows for better outcomes.

Happy giving way!

Michael de Groot