Leaders are failing us everywhere!

Hugh MacLeod

How do leaders become leaders? It’s a question I have asked myself since 1977.

That’s the year I started work in London and have worked for a variety of leaders, some good, some bad and some very ugly.

The ugliest of leaders walk around like they own the joint, order us to follow their commands and if we step out of line will tell us in no uncertain terms to either buck up or ship out. I’ve seen plenty of those in my career and in fact those are the ones I remember the most.

Bullying behaviour has a massive influence in leaders becoming leaders. You only have to look at Korea, Russia, Syria and the big old USA.

At heart we’re still all apes and warriors and our evolution hasn’t changed much in our desire for ‘dominance hierarchy’.

So when the loudest ape in our community shouts, everyone listens and takes notice. Generally the loudest ape walks away with the prize, in the world of apes it means controlling the tribe and getting priority in choosing mates. No different in human communities then!

I know the population delivers some pushback from time to time, dictators have indeed been toppled, but usually only to be replaced by another one. Somehow we want the bully in control, because they have the best chance of winning over our adversaries, our enemies, other threatening neighbours. If the bully is in charge we feel we’re safe and our family group is protected.

We have chosen our leaders, whether you like them or not, we’ve all voted them in, believing they will be our saviours and of course they have no such intention. They are only out to save themselves, just like you and me.

Happy voting!

Michael de Groot