Will Facebook exist in 5 years time?

In jail with Facebook — Michael de Groot

Mmmm, not sure actually. They’re getting a fair amount of stick at the moment and probably justified. When a big tech company who is making billions of dollars and has been found to lack integrity, the house of cards starts falling down pretty quick.

A couple of people I respect highly, Scott Galloway and Kara Swisher are definitely doubling down on Facebook and especially Mark Zuckerberg and Sheryl Sandberg and Facebook’s board of directors.

Money and greed allows many misdoings to be buried in deep graves, however there are many journalists who love digging and digging deep. Couple that with disgruntled ex employees and you have a rich recipe for the truth to be exposed.

How do you deal with that truth? Well, Mark calls it ‘BS’ and Sheryl, well Sheryl is just hiding, because she managed to make a few million dollars from her books and her books are all about authenticity and integrity. To just say ‘we should have done better’ doesn’t cut it any longer when it gets repeated over and over. By the 3rd time you get a bit sick of it and wonder, actually what’s going on? What is the truth? We really want to know.


Because Facebook has made billions from our data, we kinda want to know what’s going on, especially as our data gets stolen on a regular basis. It’s serious stuff actually.

I was a massive fan of Facebook back when they started but in February 2018 I decided to uncouple myself and stopped posting, stopped being active, deleted the app from my phone, adjusted all the advertising preferences and minimised my personal details on my profile, basically deleted most of it. But not everything and didn’t close my account and that’s because my wife wants me there, so she can tag me!

I also decided to delete Instagram and WhatsApp, both Facebook products now.

Those actions has improved my emotional wellbeing significantly, I stop seeing all the fake news and adverts that my network posts, because that’s in the main what happens. Our lives have never been as good as they appear on social media. It’s sad actually very sad, I have compassion for our need for love.

Of course it does some good too, I get that, but the bad far outweighs the good. Remember you heard it here first. I give them 5 years, tops and although they may still exist as I really don’t believe they will completely disappear, I do believe it will be a totally different experience, reduced, more private and less adverts with maybe even paid profiles to stop the ads.

Enjoy it whilst you can!

Happy Facebooking!

Michael de Groot