The benefits of a prepaid summer

Why a prepaid card could be your summer spending solution.

We’re often talking about all of U Account’s lovely money-management features, and how they make the current account a great tool for budgeting your income and juggling your outgoings all in one neat and tidy place. But there are some even neater and tidier account holders who have opted to boss their budgets in another way this summer: by using their U prepaid Mastercard® card just for their spare cash. And we think that’s a fantastic idea.

Better, smarter budgeting

Whether you use Extra Accounts to separate your bills from your fun fund, or you’re using your prepaid U card just for your spending money, budgeting properly for the stuff you want to spend your time doing this summer means you’re less likely to miss out on it.

Plus, with the money you need for essentials stashed elsewhere and no overdraft to dip into, there’s no need to worry about overspending — so you can focus your efforts on having a great time while the sun’s out.

Extra security when you’re travelling

It might look a bit like Monopoly money, but nobody feels safe carrying wads of currency around when they’re exploring somewhere new. If your prepaid card ends up getting lost or stolen, you can lock it in an instant using your U Account app, and keep your funds secure.

What’s more, unlike with a traditional debit card, there’s never any risk of someone else accessing your life savings if your prepaid card somehow ends up in the wrong hands, because you’ll only ever have enough money on there to cover the time you need it for.

Stick to your holiday budget

Going anywhere nice this summer? Perhaps you’re used to exchanging the exact amount of cash you’re willing or able to spend while you’re on holiday before you go. You might even do that every time you go shopping, or before a day trip or a night out. It’s a great tactic for controlling your spend and not allowing present you to forget all about future you when you’re busy having a great time.

Well, you can do exactly the same thing with your prepaid account — just make sure you don’t put any more money in than present or future you would be happy to spend.

Save precious sunshine time

Instead of making sure you have enough change for the bus or wondering where the nearest cash machine is to where you’re going, go contactless. There’d be no more detours, no more fumbling in your wallet for coins, just you tapping-and-going on transport, at the pub, wherever really.

There’s also the mobile app in case you need to double-check your balance while you’re out and about. You can do that between stops.

Have a great summer!