Typeform data breach

We were informed late yesterday evening at 5:35pm that Typeform, a company that we use to conduct surveys, has suffered a data breach.

They have informed us that some of our customers have had some personal details compromised. However, these details are not related to personal banking information, or any U Accounts. All affected U Account holders have already been informed of the breach and provided details of what personal data has been compromised.

All affected customers have already been contacted directly via email.

If you were one of the users affected, we have already notified you about this breach, and what we’re doing about it.

Your money and account are safe.

The data that has been breached does not affect your U Account, the safety of any funds in your account, or your password details. This also includes any data associated with any transactions you have made. You can continue to use your U Account as normal.

We have suspended use of Typeform immediately.

We take privacy and data security seriously, and we have suspended all further use of Typeform software and services until we know all details of how and why this has been able to happen.

We are told that the data compromised is as follows:

Name, email address, phone number, postcode, age, gender and survey responses.

We are continuing to investigate the incident.

In cases like this, more information and often more accurate information about such a breach may come to light in the coming days. In the meantime, we’ll keep everyone updated on any further developments regarding this incident. We are doing everything we can to protect your data and keep it safe.