EOS Tribe Joins U°OS as a Block Producer Candidate

EOS Tribe — one of the top Block Producers on the EOS mainnet — joins U°OS as a Block Producer Candidate.

The vision of EOS Tribe is:

To leverage, build and promote distributed systems that secure life, liberty, and property for all.

EOS Tribe shares the U°OS and U°Community values and vision on the importance of decentralizing the social processes.

On November 7, 2018, EOS Tribe has successfully launched a Block Producer Node on the U°OS testnet.

We welcome EOS Tribe and the community and are happy to work together on the mass adoption of the blockchain technologies and U°OS.

The U°Community platform is an integral part of the U°OS blockchain. The U°OS blockchain has the Delegated Proof of Importance (DPOI) consensus algorithm at the core.

U°Community is entering the open beta soon, so sign up today at https://u.community.

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