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New ARPA Reporting Resource: Streamline Your Workflow with This Simple Infographic

Doing ARPA reporting? Check out our infographic for governments designed to clearly map out what needs to be reported for each project and Expenditure category

By: USDR Grants Tools Team

USDR is developing products to help governments quickly find grant funding and get it to their communities at the speed of need. Below, an update from our grants team on a new tool to save jurisdictions time and energy.

For the April 2022 reporting period to US Treasury for the American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA), the treasury updated the Compliance and Reporting Guidance that reflects the Coronavirus State & Local Fiscal Recovery Funds: Overview of the Final Rule. As we worked directly with jurisdictions across the country to help spin up tools like the UEI lookup tool, we saw an opportunity to help make a more digestible version of the ARPA guidance.

With the help of one of our pro bono experts, we created this simple resource: an infographic that maps out what Treasury reporting templates are required for each expenditure category governments need to report on.

1. Locate your expenditure category to the left of the infographic

2. Locate your expenditure SUB-category in the middle

3. See which reporting template Treasury requires for your expenditure subcategory on the right

That’s it! We hope this infographic adds some streamlined clarity to your ARPA reporting.

You can view a PDF of the infographic here.

There’s more support for our grants partners to come, such as an ARPA workbook and user guide to help your sub-recipients fill out the information they need.

If you are a government partner looking for support, please reach out to us here. We’ve worked with these tools on engagements with governments across the country, and are happy to discuss how these tools could help you as well. Similarly, if you are a technologist or public servant looking for ways to use your skills on high-impact, high-urgency projects, join our USDR volunteer community and see our open staff positions.



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