UAE and Finland-both eager to strengthen ties

Finland’s Minister of Economy, Minister Jan Vapaavuori and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Economy Minister, Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri have agreed to boost the ties between their two countries. More specifically, the two ministers have agreed to strengthen their ties in the fields of innovation and scientific research.

During their meeting, the two ministers emphasized the significance of their countries business sectors. The agreed to strengthen the cooperation between their two countries in an attempt to boost and promote the business sectors of both their countries.

The UAE and Finland Ministers also exchanged views on how to build on their countries economic collaboration. They conversed about how their collaboration would help improve their knowledge-based economies and innovation sector.

Finland is a leading international market in terms of technology, research, development as well as innovation. Therefore, Finland is considered a significant ally for the UAE, which is in the process of developing a knowledge-based economy.

It was stressed that the President, Sultan bin Saeed Al Mansouri, initially introduced the UAE’s vision of establishing itself as a knowledge-based economy. The UAE Cabinet then evaluated this vision and it was decided that during 2015 the country would focus its strengths and efforts on transcending towards becoming a knowledge-based economy through innovation.

This vision is now accepted and supported not only by the UAE Ministry of Economy but also by all the UAE state agencies.
The meeting between the two parties of the UAE and Finland was successful, proving their willingness to strengthen the bonds and relations of the two countries, while focusing on particular areas of their economies.

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