How to find short term rental apartments in Dubai Marina?

Dubai Marina surely provides you with a wide array of entertainment for people of all ages. Moreover, Dubai Marina is full of skyscraper residential buildings. This area extends from Al Sufouh Road near Dubai Media City. It comprises both Jumeirah Beach Residence (JBR) and The Beach development. It is known to be one of the city’s busiest neighborhoods.

Dubai Marina provides you with some breath-taking views overlooking the marina waterways. You can also get the view of shiny yachts and outdoor seating on the shaded terrace. The area features all the bells and whistles that includes hash browns, mushrooms, baked beans, fried eggs, and sausage.

You have many options to shop, eat and explore in this region. The outdoor entertainment development was launched in 2014 directly opposite JBR’s The Walk. Very soon, it became an active hub. It is known for its quintessential modern, low-rise design that elevates the beach side location. Currently, there are more than 70 shopping and dining options. These options include Italian designer Roberto Cavalli’s cafe concept, CavalliCaffè.

Dubai Marina

Here are some top tips for finding short-term rental apartments in Dubai Marina:

Look into your options
Most of you are seeking a viable temporary housing option through a rental or vacation company. You can start with an internet search for “short-term” housing in the area that you wish to be living in. You are likely to get a diverse range of properties on the internet.

As far as short-term rentals are concerned, you must know that these are the apartment or housing rentals that are available with variable lease terms. When it comes to most short-term rentals, keep in mind that the less amount of time you want to lease for, the higher your monthly rent is going to be.

Hire a reliable broker
The smartest way to get a lot of options for short-term rental apartments in Dubai Marina, get yourself a well-reputed apartment broker. Genuine brokers are likely to be able to guide you with useful info. They can tell you as to what type of temporary housing options are present in the area in the current scenario. You are certainly going to get the top choices in terms of rate, location, and amenities. Since apartment brokers are paid by the property managers, you can use such services free of cost. However, you must know that most brokers are looking at short-term rentals and corporate housing options. Brokers are really important when you want to get a good short-term rental important. You cannot just do the searching all by yourself.

Come up with a concrete plan to handle your items well
There are certain rentals that require you to bring in your own furniture. However, there are many short-term options that come furnished. These might just be too small to contain all of your belongings. In that case, you need to make sure you have a good storage option, apart from your rental. In case you can bring in your own stuff, you might want to lower the amount of heavy lifting. You can store your items while doing a short-term furniture rental. In the end, you need to make sure that you have a plan in place at an early stage.

Go for a broad search
When you’re renting a place to stay for a little while, just compromise a little bit to make the search easier. In case you’re not finding a proper fit in your exact search area, you can expand it to include certain other nearby towns. This way you will be able to handle some short-term inconvenience. As far as amenities are concerned, try to prioritize things such as safety and cleanliness. This way you cut down your stress.

Take the length of your stay into account
The length of your stay is a major determining factor when it comes to optimal temporary housing option. Your length of stay might just be one or even a period of six months. Accordingly, you will have to make your choice. Budget is also another determining factor. In case you are just clueless as to how long you will be staying in your temporary house, it might actually be tough for you to get the most suitable apartment for short term.

Consider your pets, if any
Things might be a bit different if you are moving with pets. You must factor them into your search. The short-term rental place should be pet-friendly. There are some that allow pets. However, others might not. You need to make your choice out of those that do allow pets. Some apartments also charge you with an additional monthly fee if you have a pet! This fee is mostly variable. It might have a major impact on the options that you should actually go for.

Do not miss out any cost, no matter how low it is
At the time of budgeting for temporary housing, you need to look beyond the monthly rent. There are certain options that will require you to pay for things such as parking, utilities, and general repairs as long as you stay. At the time of searching, you must ask about any additional costs that you’ll need to consider. Keep in mind that short-term rentals can get expensive in the end. So, you need to be prepared in every case. It might look cheap in the beginning but might turn out to be gigantic in the end. So, be calculative!

At the time of finding a short-term rental, just start your search early. In case you’re not moving for several months, try to find info about availability for your desired move-in period beforehand. Try to expand your search beyond the internet as well. Get recommendations from reliable people around you. You might call leasing managers with inquiries. Go beyond the basic info that you are able to view on the net. Gather as much info as possible and only after that make a decision.