Life in the hyphen

For many Canadians, answering the question “what am I?” is no easy task.

As a young girl, Joyce Yu immersed herself in both Western and Asian pop culture. Illustration by Jordan Carson.

“I understand now that there’s no real definition of ‘Canadian.’ We aren’t pure-bloods. We’re a mishmash. Muggles mixed with wizards.”

Today I speak English without an accent and with a comprehension that my parents will never realize. I love to read, and in addition to western television characters there were western literary characters who would become some of my most loyal companions — Ramona Quimby, Peter and Fudge Hatcher, The Baby-Sitters Club, Matilda, Charlie, Danny, Mr. Fox and the rest of Roald Dahl’s crew.

UAlberta 2017

The University of Alberta Celebrates Canada 150