CTS — 09/04/17 Tate Britain

The Tate Britain is a is an art museum that can be found in the City of Westminister, Central London. It is another addition to the Tate family that owns a network of galleries throughout the country. It is the oldest in the network and has been running since 1987. Within this art museum you can find a collection of British art ranging as far as the 1500s to the present day.

Today’s task was ‘A Better World’. For this task we had to create a manifesto within our groups, we are to create a manifesto on how we’d transform and advance ourselves in the next 50 years. The work which we viewed for this part of the museum was dated as far back as the 1960s to the present date. The work on display in the room explored recent issues in British society, for example: racial identity, feminism, sexual identity and more.

Our group came up with the idea to create a digital way to showcase work, we’d do this by using video, imagery and audio sound to enhance the experience. Cunt Scum by Gilbert & George, 1977, was the work we looked at. Cunt Scum is part of a twenty-six pieces that makes up the Dirty Words Pictures series. The work takes a dive into how in the late 1970s the mixed-race community was targeted for attack by the National Front. The piece gives the impression the artists in the work are trying to create a relationship between themselves and the cause/work. This will over some time hopefully help minimise racial divide and prejudice we see with mixed race people. However it is likely that we will see little change over the next half century if that.

Our group did realise after the presentation that we may not have found an effective way to communicate to the demographics we intended to. This is because technology is evolving at a rapid pace and it makes it hard for us to believe that our proposal may be an effective one in the next 50 years, given the increased advancement of digital intelligence like AI. Maybe with the sudden increase of daily involvement of AI, AR and other artificial technologies these issues may become obsolete as human life as we know it might change. Our discriminations and other social issues might be minimised by our increased knowledge of beings.