Transparency and trust: Ubcoin welcomes Korean partners, showcasing business processes and progress

Secrecy is a general habit in ICO projects that raise money but produce nothing in return. However, Ubcoin is sure that cryptocurrency companies tackling real market needs by providing a real solution must — and can — work transparently and share knowledge and business process details with their community.

A picture is worth a thousand words, but personal visit and memories are priceless! — Last week Ubcoin team welcomed special guests from South Korea in our Moscow office. We were visited by Su Eun Song, the well-known blockchain blogger and also our active promoter and the admin of Ubcoin Korean TG community, and by Lee Kibum, one of the most trusted and respected Korean contributors to Ubcoin’s token sale. For us it was a great opportunity to show how the company works and share experiences.

From the onset of the project, we reasonably expected Korea to be one the most promising Asian countries for Ubcoin promotion and growth. Afterall, our long partnership with Samsung does resonate quite strongly with our Korean community.

We were so happy to spend five busy days with the visiting Korean partners who entrusted us with their support. These days encompassed several important meetings, the results of which will influence our market policies in Korea and help strengthen the trust and engagement with the Asian token contributors and project community. We are specifically exploring listing the UBC tokens on a Korean crypto exchange and promoting Ubcoin app through local communities and partnerships.

One of our main goals was to show the Ubcoin’s structure and introduce the guests to our business process and products we are working on. We also shared some financial details of company’s work, which proved we have long been a dynamic and sustainable business. In addition, we had a chance to engage with the local community through a video interview, which Su Eun Song made together with our CEO Felix Khachatryan.

At the moment we’re considering our team’s visit to South Korea after being invited to join several local blockchain associations and speak at the conferences. After these five days, we are ever more grateful to our vibrant community for their ideas and input on how to make Ubcoin a great product, as well as how to improve the token economics — firsthand from the token contributors.

For us this visit is another step proving Ubcoin stands out among ICO projects. Openness and transparency are two general principles helping us build trust, engage the community, and strengthen the partnership worldwide. Contributing through Ubcoin tokens means subscribing to these principles and joining the team that is bringing the opportunities of crypto investing to hundreds of millions of people worldwide.

We encourage our partners and supporters from other countries to come and check out our work with their own eyes, meet the team — developers, designers, testers, customer support, legal staff and of course, the management team. We are ready to give answers to all the questions which have not been covered yet.

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