🔥 We are introducing reasonable commissions for making purchases in ETH

2% for buying something on Ubcoin Market using ethers, paid by buyer.

💎 We want to keep balance between using 2 currencies on the marketplace: UBC and ETH. ETH is more widespread, but now it is cheaper to use UBC.

Why did we introduce ETH as an alternative means of payment on Ubcoin Market?
Because we see our mission, beside other things, in stimulating people to regard crypto currencies not only as a speculative investment. Using crypto is cheaper and faster than using traditional currencies via banking systems. Crypto is not only something “that can make me rich in a few days”, it is also something “I can use as a means of payment more convenient than dollar”. And we are creating an ecosystem where this particular value of digital currencies can be very well perceived.

These thoughts were also inspired by a recent, widely discussed Reddit post “Why Nobody Talks About Financial Incentives For Average People To Use Crypto?”.
It says: “Whenever people discuss cryptocurrencies, it’s almost always about “should I invest in this thing? It can go up to $xxxxx, right?”…But when you tell average people in the real world that they can “save $xxx money” by pointing out how expensive our current cross-border transaction through the banking system is, they would start listening.”.

❤️ One of the goals of the Ubcoin marketplace is to show people how crypto can be used — and used conveniently — outside the world of speculations. And with introducing ETH — one of the most popular digital currencies in the world — we can show it even better.