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How We Design on the UberEATS Team

Creating the future of food delivery takes empathy, innovation, and an appetite for complex logistical challenges.

The UberEATS ecosystem. People order on the UberEATS App (left), restaurants manage orders in the Restaurant Dashboard (center), and delivery partners deliver items using the Driver App (right).

We Immerse Deeply

Designers on a Walkabout in Seoul, Korea
After immersing themselves in the world of delivery partners, UberEATS designers felt the pain of finding parking and locating entries to restaurants. We added a feature to the Driver App that provides step by step directions from restaurants to facilitate smoother pickups.

We Iterate Quickly

UberEATS designers and researchers field testing prototypes for the Driver App on bikes in the snow.
We launched the UberEATS app with a simple order tracking feature (left). After learning that customers wanted more info about their delivery, we designed the second iteration (right) to provide a richer, more detailed experience.

We Innovate Constantly

The UberEATS team running an innovation workshop.
The innovative Restaurant Manager Dashboard provides sales analytics on individual items that helps chefs see how changes in things like packaging affects the sales and quality of dishes.



We are passionate about the pursuit of ideas that put people first. Work with us: uber.com/design. Follow us on Twitter: @DesigningUber.

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