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My work life as a Global UX Researcher at Uber

Ridealong with an Egyptian Uber driver during a UX Research study

1. Choosing a research project

2. Planning for success

3. Immersing into a new culture

4. Analyzing and sharing out

A lifelong learning experience

Global UX Research team at Uber
  • To give feedback with care, when the person is ready for it, and receive it with gratitude
  • Research is a team sport. We (researchers) should work with people who value our work. We give second chances and do not beg for inclusion or recognition. We find allies, work more with them and recognize them in any opportunity we have (emails, reports, presentations, meetings)
  • Persevere until your work creates the impact it deserves. We do this by understanding business priorities and constantly advocating for the users.
UX Research team at Uber



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