DogVacay: Business & Revenue Model with Funding and other details

Dogvacay is an on demand pet sitter startup which connects pet owners with those who love pets and want to earn money by becoming a pet sitter. Dogvacay was founded in December 2011 and has got over a million transactions with the help of 20,000 pet sitters. Let’s go through some major points about Dogvacay.

Founder: Aaron Hirschhorn

Problem they are solving:

Pets demand time and attention. There are instances when pet parents are not able to afford time to walk their pets or to take care of them. Sometimes, people have to go out for few hours leaving their pets behind. This becomes a problem. So, Aaron Hirschhorn founded Dogvacay in order to connect pet parents with pet sitters who can take care of their pets when required.

How Dogvacay works:

Dogvacay is a platform that connects people with pet sitters. Although anyone can become a pet sitter but pet parents have the option to browse profiles based in a particular location and select a person based on ratings and reviews. On the other hand, pet sitters have the option to select dog breed, All payments are made on an hourly basis and transactions are done through the platform itself.

Value Propositions:

Dogvacay offers excellent value propositions to pet parents as well as pet sitters.

Pet Parents:

  • Can browse profiles of pet sitters in nearby area.
  • Online payments.
  • Free pet insurance cover.

Pet Sitters:

  • Can set dog breed, timings etc in their profile.
  • Can set their own rates.
  • Easy payments.

Apart from this, Dogvacay has 24/7 customer support for pet parents and pet sitters.

Dogvacay Revenue Model:

Dog sitters are free to keep their own rates but every successful booking through the platform attracts a 15% fee from pet sitter. The pet parent pays online to Dogvacay and pet sitters get their payment the next day after a 15% cut. So, this 15% cut from every booking made on the platform is the main revenue source of Dogvacay.

Dogvacay Funding:

The unique business model of Dogvacay has been able to impress investors in a big way. Dogvacay has received a total of $47 Million as per the investment chart below:

Month & YearFunding AmountType Mar 2012$1 MillionVenture Nov 2012$6 MillionSeries A Oct 2013$15 MillionSeries B Nov 2014$25 MillionSeries B

Dogvacay company website:


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