The Future of Marketplace Infrastructure

Today we’re excited to publish some homework we’ve done alongside Arteen Arabshahi & Karlin Ventures around the future of marketplace infrastructure.

The ODMS (On Demand Mobile Service) ecosystem is interesting, but we think it’s even more interesting to begin thinking about the implications of a new type of marketplace.

We’ve looked at (1) what’s changed about marketplaces, (2) what infrastructure is being built to support new needs and (3) gaps in what currently exists.

While some infrastructure (like payments) has been discussed at length, other types (such as security & safety) have not been.

So take a look, let us know if you disagree with anything we’ve said, and keep us in mind if you’re building a new company in the space!

Here’s a link to the deck


Ali & Arteen

PS: And finally, many thanks to Brian Harwitt, Tanner Stultz, Zach Benfanti, Danielle Charpentier and Clark Zhang for all the work they’ve done on this. If you are looking for summer interns or people to hire, all of them are ballers.

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