Brisbane Product Talks Meetup 28 January 2016

Is UX a part of Product Management? This is a hotly contentious topic at the moment. Many, typically Product Managers say that UX is an integral part of Product Management but others say “this is really all a red herring. The real issues here are about culture rather than reporting structure.” (Dave Malouf)

The talk helped us determine if it makes sense for UX to be a part of Product Management or as some have raised, perhaps Product Management is a part of UX? To follow are some dot points to summarise what was discussed during a recent Product Talks Meetup in Brisbane attended by both Product Managers and User Experience (UX) professionals.

  • Product Management and User Experience (UX) are similar because both focus heavily on the needs of the customer.
  • The roles differ in that the Product Manager focuses on solving a fundamental business need — whereas UX will focus on the experience of solution being delivered.
  • Product Management can be generalised as more strategic — focused on the products direction. Whereas UX can be more tactical — focused on the details of the products features.
  • There was strong agreement all round that the product is not the product. The whole customer experience with your business is the product.
  • Customer research was discussed a few times. Best done when Product Manager and UX are in the room together talking to customers. Clearly a good topic for a future Meetup.
  • Everyone in the room has a different experience when working with Product Managers and UX. Reporting lines vary; levels of authority vary; role definitions vary. Some people do the UX, but may hold different positions, like a Business Analyst (BA).
  • Both disciplines are driving for a more holistic view of total customer experience. Systems Design is the buzz word coming from the UX camp at the moment.
  • Experience from product managers is that having UX in the team (regardless of reporting lines) is like striking gold. Measurable customer value is added to solutions when UX expertise is introduced to product development cycles.
  • The evening was sponsored by Brainmates.

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