Three Cool Things I Learned From Doing Hubspot Inbound Certification

Marketing Automation Part II

It’s been a while since I first wrote of my marketing automation journey. As usual, too busy working in my business as opposed to on my business. But, I finally took the time to go through the training resources in the Hubspot Academy and completed the examinations for both the Inbound Certification and the Hubspot Certification.

Inbound Certified, Hubspot Academy

With the inbound cert under my belt and the Hubspot cert only a few practicum steps away I managed to glean some great ideas on how to further improve our marketing automation plans. Here is my top three:

Progressive Forms
Custom Contact Properties
Smart CTA

Progressive Forms

We have a new website almost out of the oven. Well, it is probably over-cooked. But, I will leave the cheesy analogies there. There are plenty of calls-to-action and form capture across the site to coax our buyer personas along that alluring buyers journey. After the training though I have become excited about progressive profiling.

The form designer in Hubspot gives you control over which fields in a form to show when someone completes multiple forms. We had already configured smart fields, so known information of a contact is pre-populated. What we had not explored was the ability to hide some of the known fields for re-visiting contacts and replacing them with additional fields: to get more information.

This is a great way to gather more information from a contact without slugging them with a huge form. Many of our contacts are repeat visitors (watching multiple webinars). We have the ability to keep grabbing more titbits of information each time they register for a webinar. Nice.

Custom Contact Properties

Custom contact properties is another good feature I did not think much about until I better understood it. Basically, this is specifying additional information you can store in Hubspot about your contacts that is specifically relevant to your business.

I am a big fan of using buyer personas in the marketing process. These have been incorporated into Hubspot but up until now we have been missing a trick. We can create a new property to store against our contacts that helps quickly tag with the most relevant persona.

We have created a new property called ‘Which describes your role best?’ We have created eight different values: one for each persona and an ‘other’ for those we have not planned for. This is going to be added to the form for our next webinar landing page. This should very quickly get our contacts tagged with persona. From there our engagement and comms targeting should hit over-drive.

Smart CTA

I think I read about this capability when choosing a marketing automation platform. But I forgot about it until going through the training. What is really cool is that we can modify what calls-to-action are presented to a web visitor at quite a personal level.

If we have a repeat visitor who my have already taken action with CTA 1 then with smart CTA’s the next time that contact returns to our website they will be presented with a different CTA — not CTA 1. The call-to-action can be different for any contact at a different phase of the buyers journey. This has to be one of the easiest ways to guide a buyer along their journey.

There you have it: three cool things about Hubspot. Perhaps you have other favourites.

When not playing with new, cool stuff in Hubspot I am sharing ideas and talking product marketing shop in the Ready, Set, Go to Market product marketing training course.