A fireside chat with Uber CEO Travis Kalanick

Travis Kalanick, Uber co-founder and CEO, spoke at this year’s World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, with Uwe Jean Heuser, chief economic and business editor of Die ZEIT, a German weekly magazine.

The fireside chat covered topics like the story behind Uber’s founding, Uber’s vision, Travis’ views on entrepreneurship and what services like uberPOOL can mean for cities and for policymakers.

On Uber’s vision

“Imagine transportation that’s so inexpensive that everybody could have access to it, like running water. That’s what we’re talking about.”

On entrepreneurship

“Every time you play that reality vs. perception game and you get reality more right, you are innovating. You are creating. You are doing something very interesting…The assessment of risk and what it really means and the adventure that comes with doing something that other people thing is too risky when you see promise behind it.”

On uberPOOL

“It’s two people taking an almost identical trip at the same time. And now you’ve got one car instead of two. And you’re really just taking cars off the road, but of course the price goes down. Price goes down, you get more consumers in it and when you get more consumers in it, carpooling works better because it’s more likely two people taking same trip at same time.”

UberPOOL’s impact for policymakers

“What does that mean if you’re a mayor or a transportation minister? When you can use the existing infrastructure that is there and do twice as much with it. What does it mean when instead of thinking about where do I get $10 billion euros for accessible transportation, all you have to do is let Uber in your city? … We’re not the only solution, we’re not the perfect solution, but we’re an important part of the suite of solutions.”

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