Las Vegas Uber Driver-Partners and Sen. Atkinson Celebrate Flexible Work on Demand for Underserved Communities

On Saturday, February 6, we were joined by Nevada State Senator Kelvin Atkinson (D-4), the Las Vegas Urban Chamber of Commerce and hundreds of Vegas area driver-partners to kick off our first-ever Nevada ‘Work on Demand’ event. The event highlighted not only how Uber is increasing safe and reliable transportation options all over Vegas, but how the company is also having a dramatic impact in creating flexible Work on Demand opportunities in underserved communities in Vegas.

Work on Demand Tour — Las Vegas 2016

“What I like most about Uber is the flexibility; it allows drivers to make money on their own time. I don’t have a boss to report to. I don’t have to be on schedule,” said Rachael Richardson, an Uber driver-partner. “As my husband continues to rebuild his health, Uber has provided us the flexible income to help make ends meet.”

“An extra couple hundred or a thousand bucks a month can be the difference between paying all the bills or slipping into debt. It can be the difference between sending a child off to college with a new laptop or struggling to scrape together enough for the expensive textbooks.,” said Sen. Atkinson. “That’s why flexible, work-on-demand opportunities like Uber can be such a game-changer.”

“The Urban Chamber looks forward to building on our relationship with Uber and seeing to it that minority-owned businesses stay competitive and that residents of the greater Vegas community have all the economic opportunities they deserve within reach,” said Ken Burns, Executive Director of the Las Vegas Urban Chamber of Commerce.