Introducing New Ubeswap Updates

Evan Kereiakes
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3 min readSep 8, 2021


Join Ubeswap on the journey to decentralize the platform and become fully community run!

Ubeswap’s Journey to Bring DeFi to the People

Ubeswap is the only Celo-native DEX bringing the full capabilities of the Celo protocol, including mobile-first DeFi, to end users. Ubeswap launched in February 2021 and has grown to more than $35mil total value locked (TVL) in the first few months.

Celo protocol assets such as CELO, cUSD, and community assets such as MOO and UBE are frequently traded on the platform. Ubeswap also played an important role in providing early liquidity for the cEUR stablecoin before it was listed on centralized exchanges.

Going forward, Ubeswap will remain committed to providing decentralized liquidity to the Celo community and beyond. Through this effort, Ubeswap will be supporting Celo’s mission to build a financial system that creates the conditions for prosperity for everyone.

Ubeswap is proud to be part of the Celo Protocol’s DeFi for the People initiative, and will launch dual-reward yield farming pools beginning on Sep 10. See this blog post for more details on this campaign launched by the Celo Foundation.

New Ubeswap Community Contributors

Evan Kereiakes — Business Lead

I’m excited to join the Ubeswap community to help grow decentralized liquidity on the platform and to empower the community. Most recently I was focused on building the Celo Alliance and ecosystem in Asia. Prior to Celo, I contributed to Terra. I worked at the Federal Reserve Bank of New York for over 7 years on the foreign exchange reserves management team. I also have experience at the U.S. Treasury Markets Room and the White House National Economic Council.

Brian Li — Technology Lead

I will be helping with the tech side of Ubeswap. I’ve spent the past years immersing myself into DeFi by building primitives like Romulus, Ubeswap, and Nomspace. I’ve learned so much in the process, and I plan to apply my experience towards improving the Ubeswap platform. I’m excited to be working alongside the community to grow Ubeswap in this next chapter.

Note, Evan and Brian join many dedicated community members who are driving all aspects of innovation on the Ubeswap platform.

Community Partners Program

The Community Partners Program is being launched to foster the Ubeswap community and reward members for their valuable services in promoting the ecosystem.

2,000,000 UBE will be awarded to community engineers, designers, managers, and strategic liquidity partners. With your help, Ubeswap will continue to power the deepest and most connected pool of liquidity on Celo with a host of applications, wallets and integrations that support Ubeswap.

If you are building a DeFi application on Celo or another EVM chain, or wish to meaningfully grow Ubeswap liquidity, we’d love to hear from you. Please fill out this application form for a chance to receive UBE funding. Thanks to the Ubeswap community who will drive the selection process and success of this program.

You can also follow Ubeswap on Twitter, and chat with the community on Telegram or Discord to hear the latest updates as more details and winners for the Community Partners Program are announced!