The Ubex Project Unveils The Ubex-pixel Data Collection Counter

The Ubex project is delighted to announce that it is releasing its proprietary Ubex-pixel Data Collection Counter after many months of development, testing and integration into the platform infrastructure.

The introduction of the Ubex-pixel Data Collection Counter is another important milestone in the development of the platform, which will ensure the monetization of websites by their webmasters and the full use of Ubex as a versatile and highly efficient targeting platform capable of generating returns previously unavailable on the market.

The Fingerprint library was selected by the project development team as the basis for the entire framework. The application of Fingerprint allows for the collection and analysis of a large number of various useful data sets, such as userAgent, language, screenResolution and others. The full set of instruments offered by the library can be found on the Fingerprint website at

In the future, the Ubex development team is intending on adding the Evercookie library to the counter, as it will help the platform to identify users with greater accuracy, which will entail more accurate advertising targeting and result in higher conversion rates.

The counter is one of the main functions of the system, as the quality of its data depends on the display of advertising and payments to publishers. In the near future, the data mining service will be launched in production and anyone can earn by monetizing their website resources. The Ubex team will be making a separate announcement regarding this development. Ubex welcomes all to share this groundbreaking development and allow a greater number of webmasters to take advantage of the opportunities offered by the Ubex platform.

On January 9, 2019, the Ubex project published the source code for the data collection counter on GitHub. The full code can be viewed and audited it in the project’s repository at

The Ubex project is fully on track with its development progress and remains within the framework of its initial roadmap. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex as the project progresses and enters into new, ascending stages of its development.