Ubex at Blockchain Summit in Zug

Alex Korobkov Ubex IR director and Artem Chestnov Ubex CEO and

Ubex, the pioneering advertising exchange, has attended the eminent Blockchain Summit in the Crypto Valley in Switzerland on the 25th and the 26th of April, presenting the project on a shared stage with Federal Counselor of Switzerland Schneider-Ammann before a vast audience of blockchain industry leaders.

The Blockchain Summit in the Crypto Valley in Zug was highlighted by the presentation of former president of Switzerland and Federal Counselor Schneider-Ammann, who declared his support for all blockchain startups in Switzerland and invited more to join the nation on its path to becoming a crypto hub.

Federal councelor of Switzerland Schneider-Ammann announces full support for Blockchain Technology and Swiss startups at the CryptoValley summit in Zug.

Ubex presented on the same stage with the Federal Counselor of Switzerland Schneider-Ammann, and had the opportunity of contacting Ralf Kubli of Lakeside Partners, one of the founders of Crypto Valley and a Ubex project partner.

Artem Chestnov and Ralf Kubli of Lakeside Partners, a Ubex project partner.

Apart from presenting the project, the Ubex team also had fruitful talks with Tom Lyons, Chairman of the Crypto Valley Association and Executive Director of ConsenSys. Ubex presented a report on advertising and AI and was met with overwhelming support from the attendees who expressed their hope that the sector will develop in the coming years. The Ubex team also attended the Fireside chat with Mindfire and discussed AI development in Switzerland.

Artem Chestnov Ubex CEO and Сo-founder, Tom Lyons Chair of the CryptoValley Association and Kathrin Anthony Head of Global Sales

The Fireside chat section featured several important highlights. The Ubex team is quoted as saying “The second distinctive feature of AI is the fact of using reinforcement learning, when a neural network is not just trained on specific samples, but is trained continuously and consistently.” This approach means that an entire complex will be deployed that delivers data blocks for the training of neural models. This makes it possible for users to have both actual models trained on fresh actual data and to acquire customized neural networks (possibly on a reward basis) that will analyze a particular advertiser and their operations specifics.

Fireside chat with Ubex Co-Founder Artem Chestnov and Co-Founder of Mindfire Lukas Sieber at Blockchain Summit in Zug

Lakeside Partners acknowledged Ubex as a highly advanced project, and confirmed that the merger of AI and blockchain is the most perspective vector of the technology’s development. The sector is aimed at growth in Switzerland and Ubex is one of the strongest teams in the Crypto Valley, and a pioneer in innovative AI technologies development and implementation.

Alex Korobkov and German Ramirez from Mindfire Foundation at Blockchain Summit in Zug, Switzerland.

The Ubex project is continuing its roadshow and aims to attend many more prominent events on many continents. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.