Ubex at Blockchain Symposium in Seoul

Artem Chestnov and Bitgo Su, the most popular blogger and influencer in Korea

The pioneering Ubex project’s team has attended the 10th Blockchain Symposium organized by the prominent SYNCO blockchain investment company from the 28th of May to the 3rd of June.

10th Blockchain Symposium

On the first day of the event, the Ubex team presented the project before an audience of 1000 members of the SYNCO Investment Syndicate. The team delivered an in-depth and detailed presentation of the advertising platform and its infrastructure. The CEO of the project, Artem Chestnov, was also a member of the panel discussing the current state of the blockchain industry and the conditions faced by ICO projects on the market. The Ubex team remained adamant in its conviction of high market prospects and convinced the public that the industry is rich with opportunities and the future lies with the merger of blockchain and AI technologies.

The Ubex team also conducted a series of meetings with members of the SYNCO Syndicate, as well as its founders. The many journalists present at the event were also given exclusive interviews and comments regarding various issues pertaining to the crypto economy and the Ubex project. The project also established relations with Sam Lee of Ethereum China and several other Korea based investment houses.

Leona Son, VP Synco and Sam Lee, Ethereum China wit Artem Chestnov in Korea.

The second day of the event proved even more productive as the Ubex team met with Bitgo Su, the most popular blogger and influencer in Korea. An important meeting was later held in the Seoul Blockchain House with the SYNCO Syndicate investment committee. The meetup was attended by over one hundred of the most prominent investors of the Korean market. The issues discussed pertained to ICO scoring systems and the prospects of investments in blockchain projects.

At the end of the meetup, Ubex hosted a private investment dinner for a select group of investors, bloggers and media representatives.

The symposium in Seoul has once again reaffirmed the high standing of the Ubex project in terms of hype and popularity. With the introduction of Ubex on the Korean market, the project team is confident that the influx of highly valuable partnerships and investments is sure to follow.

Ubex and a group of investors at the private investment dinner

Korea Blockchain Symposium is a monthly event in Seoul organized by SYNCO Investment. This time it was held at the Seoul Grand Intercontinental Parnas Hotel. It was the seventh conference gathering

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