Ubex at Huobi Carnival

The Ubex project has been invited to the Huobi Carnival in Seoul, Korea, and continued to meet various blockchain investors and leading industry figures.

Ubex team at the Huobi Carnival Seoul

The event was attended by virtually every leading industry figure from Korea, Singapore, Hong Kong and other Asian countries.

This gave the Ubex team the opportunity to meet both the leaders of Huobi and the various contributors and opinion leaders connected with it. Among the attendees were infrastructure investment funds engaged in the development of various projects.

BTCC Korea team approached Ubex for collaboration

The Ubex team had the pleasure of meeting the representatives of FBG Capital and was invited to attend private FBG meetup to get to know FBG better and explore possibilities of collaboration. Ubex also met other funds from China, Japan and Korea, and attracted the interest of the many attending journalists.

Ubex team with FBG Capital and Bitkan China

Interaction with media representatives yielded 3 interviews from the Ubex team to various television and YouTube channels.

Tom Ku Channel interview with Artem Chestnov

The Ubex team continues attending prominent events as part of the team remained in Korea, while some of the team’s representatives headed straight to Hyderabad, India, to attend the International Blockchain Conference. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.