Ubex has Attended the Blockchain (DLT) & Crypto Event in Geneva

The Ubex project has attended the Blockchain & Crypto Event in Geneva, presenting the groundbreaking platform before a wide audience of investors.

The representatives of the Ubex project held talks with prominent investors at the event and gave extensive presentations to the many attendees who had expressed their interest in the project.

Alex Korobkov with Robert Levin, CEO, Emerging Star Capital

This event in Geneva focused on introducing blockchain and cryptocurrencies as the new generation of investable asset classes as well as give our participants an opportunity to hear from ICOs and Start Ups. Delegates to the conference will receive an overview of the sector as well as an introduction to actual investment opportunities. The event was organized by the Crypto Finance Conference, the world’s most exclusive investor conference on cryptocurrencies and blockchain investments. Our conferences brings together both institutional investors and wealthy private investors who are interested in investing in the newly emerging blockchain technologies.

Tim Enneking — Managing director, Crypto Asset Management

The Ubex project continues to present its platform at various venues around the world. Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.