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Ubex introduces White Label DSP feature

Ubex has a new special offer for advertising agencies! They can now make use of the new Ubex White Label DSP feature. So what is it about?

When defining white label software, it is important to note that it represents a ready-made instrument that can be rebranded and used for the needs of any company requiring the functionality of such a toll. Developers who create such software later sell their solutions to other participants of a specific industry and receive additional income for their efforts.

A white label DSP is a non-branded advertising platform that is put up for sale. Instead of a monthly payment for a self-service DSP that ships as a SaaS, a white label DSP becomes a proprietary product. At the same time, the users of such DSPs save millions in development costs.

Ownership gives the user of such a white label DSP invaluable freedom, making it the most wholesome advertising technology solution available on the modern market. Most advertisers using White Label DSPs realize that using such solutions makes programmatic media purchases easier, as they stop paying extra per impression and get all the data from their campaigns in a comprehensive fashion.

In contrast to self-service DSPs, white label solutions can be connected to custom SSPs and users will always be responsible for their traffic’s source and will receive full data sent from publishers.

In addition, users can opt out of the rest of the self-service DSPs and combine all their actions into one account. By using multiple platforms, users often compete with their own bids and lose at auctions. A white label DSP platform rids users of such inconveniences, since they can connect as many SSPs and ad exchanges as they require and enjoy a broader variety of traffic.

Ubex has already attracted a major agency to using the solution, which has been launched and is fully functional.

Stay tuned for more news and updates from Ubex.



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