Ubex Launches Ad Exchange

The Ubex project has launched its long-awaited Ad Exchange service on the Ubex platform ahead of schedule. The Ad Exchange is an integral part of the Ubex platform that acts as one of the key components and links in ensuring effective and efficient cooperation between the advertisers and webmasters with the assistance of the Ubex core.

In its essence, an Ad Exchange is necessary for the exchange of advertising spaces. It is a hub that provides bidding with ad displays. The exchange places displays to visitors on publishers’ sites and ad networks for sale, accepts bids from DSPs and announces the winner. The Ubex Ad Exchange service works in conjunction with the entire Ubex ecosystem and is part of the SSP technology stack.

Since webmasters are always looking for ways of increasing the monetization of their placement platforms, the Ubex Ad Exchange offers them a convenient and profitable hub where they can put up their ad slots for sale and be sure that their offers will be matched with the most suitable bid. The Ubex neural core is responsible for the matching process and works in favor of the webmasters to ensure that they and the advertisers are served both fairly and transparently.

The exchange, or auction model, has long been in use in contextual advertising. The Ubex Advertising Exchange conducts most of the processes of the transaction automatically. The algorithms in use are becoming ever more productive and their growing efficiency will contribute to creating a steadily growing influx of publishers, agencies and advertisers who will be abandoning the traditional model in favor of auctioning. According to numerous forecasts, the advertising exchange will soon occupy a dominant position on the advertising market.

The Real Time Bidding system allows Ubex to avoid the numerous intermediaries who are present in large numbers on the digital advertising market. The greatest benefit that the model offers resides in the speed of the matching process along with the fairness and maximum profitability factors that are ensured by the neural network. The Ubex Ad Exchange was designed with scalability in mind and currently supports all RTB protocols of the 2.0 and 3.0 versions. It is therefore compatible with all the major platforms of the current market leaders.

Ubex has already deployed servers with exchanges in Asia, Europe and America, and this will help local market players to get the fastest ping rates on the exchange. When connecting new advertising market players from other regions, Ubex will immediately launch servers in their regions as well, since the company has the support of AWS on the matter.

Ubex welcomes all publishers and advertisers to register on the Ubex platform and appreciate the advantages it offers. The upcoming release of more system modules will further enhance the operation of the entire Ubex network and will provide all of its participants with unmatched freedom, monetization opportunities and transparency that had never been achieved before on the advertising market.