Ubex Launches Asia Roadshow in China

The Ubex project has launched the Asian stage of its massive Roadshow campaign at the BLC Blockchain Technology Summit 2018 in Shanghai by presenting the platform on one of the most promising markets for the pioneering exchange platform.

The BLC Blockchain Technology Summit 2018 in Shanghai on the 24–25 of August was the first event attended by the Ubex project team, including project Advisor David Lin and Sandris Murins, who will focus on the Chinese market. The team took part in a panel discussion presided over by Alan Lau, CEO of N22 Technologies, on the topic of international infrastructure development for blockchain projects that would span countries outside of China. Along with industry colleagues from London and Germany, the Ubex project team discussed the specifics of creating such an infrastructure and launched such a project’s initial stage aimed at making use of and expanding the applications of AI solutions.

After the presentation, the project team contacted a leading user data aggregator with an overall user profile database encompassing over 900 million individuals, second only to Alibaba in number. Negotiations with the heads of the company are scheduled to take place in the coming days and Ubex is certain that fruitful and mutually beneficial cooperation will be achieved in terms of sharing user data in China and ensuring a working database for the Ubex AI and neural network.

The Ubex project is launching the active phase of its business development in China by establishing working relations with the representatives of the programmatic industry to be able to develop the Ubex ecosystem on the Asian continent.

The BLC Blockchain Technology Summit 2018 is being held in the prestigious Hyatt Regency Shanghai Hotel, Wujiaochang. The Ubex project’s CEO and Co-founder Artem Chestnov presented the Ubex project at 14:40–15:20 local time on stage. Ubex is also being represented by a corporate stand with employees, where attendees were handed out booklets and had the chance to get detailed information about the project directly from the company’s top officials. The BLC Blockchain Technology Summit 2018 is a major event in the blockchain industry that will be attended by more than 30 speakers from leading projects and industry opinion leaders. Over 40 capital funds and 60 enterprises are set to attend the event alongside over 600 other attendees.

The second day of the Ubex Roadshow will continue with a meetup in the Financial Center of Shanghai and the Ubex team welcomes all to join at 13:30 local time. Stay tuned for more news and updates.

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